RI Visits UK June 2014

From June 1 through 7, 2014 a group of Portsmouth RI citizens visited Portsmouth UK.  The purpose of their visit was to spread goodwill and strengthen the bonds between the two cities that are embodied in the Portsmouth Atlantic Compact.  The contingent was comprised of the following Portsmouth RI citizens who paid their own way on the mission. No public funds were used.

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  • Esmond (Doug) Smith
  • Gary Gump
  • Rich Talipsky
  • Bob Hamilton
  • Andrew Kelly
UK Visit Team with UK hosts

(l to r) Councilor Hugh Mason, Rich Talipsky, Andrew Kelly, Gary Gump, Bob Hamilton, Councilor (former Lord Mayor) Lynne Stagg, Councilor Lee Mason, Doug Smith.

Their official duties consisted of:

  • Presentation of a Proclamation of Cooperation from the Portsmouth RI Town Council  President
  • Pay respects and thanks to the outgoing Lord Mayor, Lynn Stagg, and Lady Mayoress Anne Taulbut
  • Bear witness to the Making of the new Lord Mayor Steven Wylie
  • Represent the Town at the Portsmouth Arts Project  and
  • Represent the Town at various D-Day 70th Anniversary events

They took on non-official duties to experience the social aspects of life in the Southern United Kingdom by visiting and evaluation places of social interaction (otherwise know as ‘pubs’). See the Social Evaluation Page for detailed information.

See the official video coverage

Rich Talipsky was our official videographer and has produced two videos, so far, to document our visit. click on the links below to view the videos on YouTube.



Portsmouth UK Attendance at Portsmouth UK D-Day 70th Celebration Captured on Portsmouth This Week Special Edition




Portsmouth RI 2014 Visit to Portsmouth UK – Part 2 – Visits to Places of Social Exchange (AKA ‘pubs’)