Portsmouth Rhode Island Group Heads to UK Namesake City in June

Five travelers from Portsmouth, Rhode Island will head to Portsmouth, England, in June, carrying a Proclamation of Thanks to present to outgoing Lord Mayor Lynn Stagg and Lady Mayoresss Anne Taulbut. The group will also take part in ceremonies celebrating the 70th Anniversary of D-Day of the Allied Landing in Europe during World War II. Members of the group include individuals who played key roles in Portsmouth Rhode Island’s 375th anniversary celebration last year. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, along withe the mayors of Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Portsmouth, Virginia, joined this celebration for a gala weekend last August. The “Portsmouth, Rhode Island Five” includes, Doug Smith, Gary Gump, Rich Talipsky, Bob Hamilton and Andrew Kelly. All are paying their own way on this trip and hope to further Portsmouth Atlantic Compact ties by attending an display of art from schools in Portsmouth, UK and Portsmouth, RI, the first of what they hope will be many cultural, educational and other exchanges among the four Portsmouth communities bordering the Atlantic. The group hopes to start another cultural project, regarding Public Houses in the UK and similar establishments in the US. One order of business will be to determine the oldest pub in Portsmouth, England. Any semblance to an “official” ┬ápub crawl is purely coincidental.